*Please note that prices vary depending on which stylist you see.*
Please call us if you have any additional questions, 1-888-444-7071.



Women’s Haircut

Master-$75+up Stylist-$60+up

Women’s Blow Dry-



Women’s Styling w/ Flat Iron or Curling Iron

*Does not include blow-dry*


Men’s Haircut


Cezanne Perfect Finish Keratin


Starting Price-$300+up


Master-$200+up Stylist-$175+up

Balayage & Haircut

Master-$260+up Stylist-$250+up


Master-$200+up Stylist-$175+up

Ombre & Haircut

Master-$260+up Stylist-$225+up

           Double Process Color

Master-$150+up Stylist-$120+up

Double Process & Haircut

Master-$200+up Stylist-$185+up

Heavy Foil, Glaze & Blow dry

Master-$200+up Stylist-$175+up

Heavy Foil, Glaze & Haircut

Master-$260+up Stylist-$200+up

Full Highlights-

Master-$150+up Stylist-$120+up

Full Highlights & Haircut

Master-$220+up Stylist-$175+up

Full Highlights. Glaze & Haircut

Master-$250+up Stylist-$220+up

Full Highlights & Color

Master-$200+up Stylist-$175+up

Full Highlights, Color & Haircut

Master-$260+up Stylist-$220+up

Partial Highlights

Master-$110+up Stylist-$100+up

Partial Highlights & Haircut

Master-$180+up Stylist-$160+up

Partial Highlights & Color

Master-$175+up Stylist-$150+up

Partial Highlights, Color & Haircut

Master-$220+up Stylist-$180+up

Mini Foil

Master-$95+up Stylist-$75+up

Mini Foil & Haircut

Master-$120+up Stylist-$120+up

Mini Foil & Color

Master-$135+up Stylist-$120+up

Mini Foil, Color & Haircut

Master-$175+up Stylist-$165+up

Single Process Color


Master-$60+up Stylist-$60+up


Single Process Color & Haircut

Master-$120+up Stylist-$120+up

Color, Haircut & Glaze

Master-$145+up Stylist-$135+up

Extra Color Charges:

*Charges apply when we have to mix up additional color for long, thick and dense hair*



*Charges for additional colors or glazes- adding an additional color such as a low light or multi toned highlight(please consult with your stylist prior to your service)*

           $25 per additional color/glaze

Multi Color


Glaze(Includes Blow Dry)


Color Correction


Master-$250+up- Stylist-$200+up


*consultation is 100% necessary prior to booking*


Install- $300(prices will be discussed at consultation.

Removal-*starts at* $100

*Special pricing applied when multiple services done at the same visit-must ask stylist for more info*


Hair Trial-$150

Makeup Trial-$150

Bridal Day of

Hair-$150 Bride & $90 per additional person

Makeup-$150 bride & &90+ per additional person

In House Up-do/ Special Occasion Styling

Master-$90+up Stylist-$75+up

Redken Heatcure

*a deep conditioning treatment*

Or hair masque/treatment-