Janie Mailloux

Janie sent us a great testamonial about the power of CrossFit to change lives and it is especially poingnant when you take her age into consideration. Great job Janie,keep up the hard work!

Janie Mailloux

Wow! Where to begin? I can’t believe that 6 months ago I decided to attempt CrossFit! All I had to do was look around at my amazing family and see the results, and the constant conversation at family dinners about CrossFit. Still, I was not convinced that someone as out of shape, overweight, and most of all, 61 years old could ever do any of the work outs I kept hearing about. Of course my amazing husband, who is forever young at heart and so optimistic said he was going to try it. The day finally came, and I was scared to death! I had no clue what to expect ,and I again asked what the heck am I doing here? From the very beginning, it was difficult and scary at the same time. But somehow I was enjoying my self. It took me a couple of months to just get use to the routine of going to CrossFit and the constant soreness I was experiencing. But, as I went along, I could already feel and see changes. I felt stronger and I started to lose weight. Today, after 6 months I have lost 30 pounds! All the coaches at CrossFit Relentless have been absolutely wonderful. They are always encouraging and challenging me. At the same time , they know exactly what you are capable of doing. The people that come to CrossFit are like family, always so kind and encouraging. I’ll continue to go to CFR as long as this old body allows me, but my mind will always say YES! Jane Mailloux

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